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We have finally got our history website covering the last 50 years to a point where it is appropriate to launch it and let it grow from external input.

What we have loaded is what has been available thru the generous contributions from a number of people, but it is still short of a lot of stories, articles and picture that we know you will have in  boxes, garages and other places you won’t have looked in for a long time.

Now is your chance to assist us in taking this website to a level that will be a pleasure to visit and learn how it all started and progressed over the decades.

Remember that today is tomorrow’s history so just because your photos are recent doesn’t make them any less important than those from 40 years ago. Imagine what will happen in 30-50 years time when some keen person suggests that the club should record its history – you will have helped them along the journey with your contributions. It’s simple – just email or mail us your photos or stories (sofiak@xtra.co.nz or P.O.Box 4519 Shortland St Auckland) and we will arrange to scan then and get them posted. Any originals will be returned so don’t forget to give us a mailing address to send them to.

We would like to thank the late Bernie O’Rourke (our first President) John Cannan and Les Thompson for photos, clippings and records from the early days. We would also like to thank Brian Kinsman, Kevin Hyde, Les Thompson and Bob Cunningham for sharing their memories of the various decades of our Club.

Also we would like to acknowledge Richard and John Vickers for their assistance in getting this website started and structured – still more to do, but that will happen over time.

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