President's Remarks

31 October 2013

How do race days happen?

It has been a busy period behind the scenes at our club over the past few months. Massive efforts are made by many to make the happenings at our club appear effortless. Unfortunately most people don’t realise this. I recall when I first started how we would just simply turn up at the track on a race day, everything appeared to happen as it should, we had the prize giving and then we went home.

It takes the efforts of 20 plus people to put a race day together. However, it is the same 20 plus people each time. It would be tragic if we burnt any of these people out. This has happened in the past, let’s not let it happen anymore. You will be shoulder tapped in the coming months to give some of your time back to the club that provides you with our racing facility.

Island Championships 

North and South Island championships happened over labour weekend in Wellington. The North Island karters had not only each other to battle with but also the weather of Wellington. Our club is proud of two of our members who will be racing for the next year with the “NI” number plate. Well done to Joshua Parkinson and Mathew Kinsman for their first place achievements. Another club member, CJ Sinclair also made it to the podium.

Have a Go Day

1 December is our next “Have a Go Day”. This is a fun positive atmosphere day at the track without the normal pressures of doing everything you can to get to the pointy end of the field. We can always do with more help. Have you go second hand gear to sell? Make up a sign and bring it to the track for the day. We had sold multiple karts of every “Have a Go Day” so far. You have a captive keen market itching to buy your pre loved gear. How about that helmet that is no longer race legal or that suit the kids have grown out of. Give it a new lease of life, give it to our club to use for the “Have a Go Day” programme. We could do with some extra karts to use on the day. The deal is that you supply your kart fuelled ready to go and the club will pay you $35 compensation per driver and undertake to return your kart to you in the same condition as at the beginning of the day. Keen to help out? Email me,

Explore and Learn

It was a shame that the Explore and Learn day that Kartsport NZ was to run at our track had to be cancelled due to a lack of numbers. The next one is booked for 30 April at our track. This is a great way to find those extra tenth’s of seconds round our track under the expert guidance of the Kartsport NZ trainers. It is also very beneficial for dads with lots of information on kart set up and how to read the conditions.

2014 Race Calendar

The new calendar is up, or will be up soon. All colour coded it looks a bit like Joseph’s coat. It also contains information about what other events some other clubs are running during the year. It is in a handy A4 format so easy to print off and to place on your wall. Text message alerts will be utilised this year. Should you not be getting them or you don’t want to get them then please email me and I will make the appropriate changes.

New Track

The new club and new track is progressing, albeit not as fast as we would like. The old buildings have now been demolished and the Formula S Kart Club voted in favour merging with the new Kart Club, Kartsport Manukau at their AGM on 30 October 2013. This is the first step in forming the new super club, Kartsport Manukau. At the appropriate time our club will too merge with Kartsport Manukau as part of our move from the Mt Wellington facility to the new facility, Colin Dale Park, located by the Auckland International airport.


Happy Karting,

Danny Gelb

KartSport Mt Wellington, President.


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