Have a Go Days


Next date:   Sunday 26 January 2014

Is competitive karting the right sport for you?  Competitive race karts have up to four time the power and go twice as fast as the best indoor hire karts.  Driving on an open outdoor track with long straights and sweeping corners is far more exhilarating than the average indoor kart track.


The fundamental difference is that you can rock up to any local indoor kart track, pay the money and have a drive.  Competitive karting does not work like that as you need to own all your own equipment.  This could be an expensive experiment should you purchase all the necessaries, such as the kart, karting suit, helmet etc only to find that you don't like the sport.


Welcome to our "Have a Go" programme.  


On the dates listed below we will open our track up to those that want to "Have a Go" at driving a real race kart in a controlled environment.  For all those that are under 15 years of age you get the use of a real two stroke race kart on the track by yourself with no other karts for two five minute sessions.  Five minutes is the typical time of an average race.  For people 15 years and over we limit the number of karts on the track to a maximum of three.  The cost of participation is $50 plus a compulsory insurance payment of $25 which covers any damage to the kart or equipment apart from the insurance excess of $250.


Bookings are essential as we only have a limited amount of time slots on each day.  Once booked you will be given an arrival time which then reduces the amount of time you have to wait for your drive.  To book please email jared@cyrus.co.nz 


Special Prize on Offer - 26 January 2014 Have a Go Day.

MG Tyres.jpgWe have a set of brand new race tyres valued at $280 that we will give away to the first person from our January"Have a Go Day" that joins our club and purchases a Kartsport NZ racing licence.


We have more information in our Have a Go Info Pack that you can download.

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